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Welcome to MTIET

Welcome To Mother Theresa Institute of Enginnering and Technology Campus

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About Us

"MTIET - An epitome of excellence"

Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology, a premier Engineering College, was established in the year 2010 with the objective of developing competent and responsible technocrats for the futuristic needs of India. Promoted by "Holy Cross Educational Society, Palamaner". MTIET is built on the spirited commitment and passion to impart quality education to the rural and remote student aspirant of technical education.

MTIET is one of the seven centres of excellence established by the Holy Cross Educational Society, Palamaner to provide engineering education to the educationally backward western mandals of Chittoor District. It is located on Chennai - Bombay National Highway 219, 5 km from Palamaner, in a serene, lush-green and picturesque landscape surrounded by paddy fields and mango orchards. MTIET has embarked upon the pursuit of excellence in Engineering Education for the last 4 years. Committed to its mission and vision, the institute has been relentlessly working on grooming young minds and preparing them for delivering value to the nation and society at large.

From a small and humble beginning we have grown and continuously growing with the uninstinted policy of moving forward for a better tomorrow.

Human Values and Professional Ethics:


Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology, established in 2010, for the noble cause to produce competent leaders through Quality Technical Education.

Honesty & Integrity

Our primarily focus is on promoting the highest standards of trustworthiness and honesty to guarantee that all members of the community recognize the intrinsic advantages of living these beliefs and to ensure that academic execution is assessed dependably and compensated reasonably. In this Institute we totally believe in conduction of all activities in an ethical manner. We are committed to practices that are fair, honest and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, staff and stake holders at all levels of Institution.


At our Institute we endeavour to create and seek after higher benchmarks by exhibiting quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services by promoting continuous improvement, encourage interdepartmental collaboration, encourage creativity, innovation, and risk-taking among students as well as faculty. If we are to be both remain relevant and attract the highest calibre of students, faculty, and staff, we must ensure that our community is inclusive and open to all viewpoints. A culture of excellence must pervade the Institution in both academic and non-academic areas.

Accountability and Transparency

We are engaged towards developing an atmosphere where every member takes responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. We continuously assess and enhance our policies, establish and impart characterized and explained objectives and targets, ensure that our work increases the value of the college and society. We believe in having complete transparency at all levels of hierarchy to promote a healthier working atmosphere to all.


Encouragement is provided for critical and quantitative thinking, effective communication, ethical decision making and social obligation in our students. Motivating your employees is vital to any business and we believe in the value of positive motivation and encouragement. A motivated workforce means a highly productive staff, all of which will help you achieve your organizational goals and vision, and for that we as an Institute work in the direction of a motivated environment for staff and students.

Social Responsibility

We are focused on promoting the sense of social responsibilities in students by involving them in various social activities. This helps in creating awareness about latest and important social issues in individual and gives them a broader perspective of understanding the causes and possible solutions related to various social issues.


We, at MTIET, provide a learning environment that develops responsible, moral and Integrated behaviour, respecting the dignity of the members of society. The Academic activities are solely governed through the prescribed norms and guidelines of statutory authority. The technical papers presented and published are referred through plagiarism software.


To promote excellence in the field of engineering education, Research and Consultancy.


The empower the students to develop into superlative professionals through innovative teaching learning process with high ethical values, capable of creating, developing and global engineering sectors.


Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology has modern infrastructure and technical support to facilitate teaching, learning and potential development of its future technocrats.


We at Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and technology, endeavor to bring out and encourage the talents and skills of the students with Quality Technical Education, motivate them to be self-disciplined and develop their competence to face the challenges.
We shall achieve this by

1. Providing value-based education.

2. Producing Industry-ready Professionals through training in Soft-skills and Personality development.

3. Providing adequate and furnished infrastructure for academic activities.

4. Promoting Creativity and Innovation among the students.

5. Ensuring Placements for eligible students by conducting Career-Vision program to facilitate right career choice for the students.

6. Encouraging Entrepreneurship among the students,motivating them to participate in Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities.

7. Training teachers in modern instructional methodologies to improve their teaching skills.

8. Motivating the faculty to publish papers in National/International Conferences and Journals.

9. Providing Hostel and Residential accommodation to students and staff.


" If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other. "

From Chairman's Desk

M. R. SUNIL , Chairman

It is a social obligation to make society happy, content, flourish and should be achieved through higher education, the knowledge hub to be made available and use by students. This institute has not been established just to prepare students for earning degrees alone.Its main purpose Is to help the students...

to cultivate self discipline, self knowledge and self confidence. We are committed for the success of the student and holistic education for... overall personality development of the student. The primary objective of our institution is to provide career oriented high quality education to the rural poor. Our institute strives to provide knowledge skills and techniques beyond the scope of academic programmes, so that our students are fully armed to compete effectively at national level seminars. To build a safe and prosperous nation, we need to make professional education accessible and affordable to the weaker sections of the society. It is great pleasure to look at the alumni of the college. The alumni hold enviable positions country wide in research, technical and academic areas. We look forward to welcome you.

Correspondent's Desk

M. Ravindra Babu , Correspondent/Secretary

The pursuit of money as an end in itself is making people greedy and excessively commercial minded. Our aim is to provide professionals who should be pure in thought, word and deed, with integrity and character, our ambition to promote higher education in rural areas made us to establish this institution at ...

Palamaner, not connected by railways and major national high ways.The ambient atmosphere outside and inside the class rooms encourage our students to explore academic disciplines, to determine their own interests and talents to face intellectual challenges which come their way in life. The students are exposed to industry based interaction which enables them to gain in depth application oriented knowledge for innovations. We inculcate commitment, dedication and ethics in the students, to enable them to face emerging challenges. Our faculty is well experienced in handling seminars, conventions, debates and campus placements to the students. We provide the best possible facilities like internet accessibility, power point presentations, fully equipped computer lab, library, LCD room, seminar hall etc., to the students. The parents and students are often thrilled by the absolute calmness prevailing in the campus during working hours. A wide variety of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are conducted to impart among students a sense of discipline, co operation, coordination and pleasure of freedom.

Academic Director's Desk

Dr R. Rajendra Reddy , Academic Director

This institute ensures proper training in computer applications and to incorporate the system of human values so as to produce software professionals committed to the creation of a happier society with ethical outlook.Academic advisor complements the guidance students receive from their mentors, ...

collaborates the relationship between the management and the student,induces academic goals, advises, guides and supports the students in various activities. Our college stands for imparting quality education and that is the reason why our students have been performing exceedingly well both academically and culturally. Our aim is to enable the students to have an integrated personality that would assist them to pursue a career of their choice. This institution provides a rich and fabulous experience for the students to interact with the society. We try to equip the students with sufficient information and training in entrepreneurship and communication skills through various means and curricular activities. Our alumni have been placed at highest positions in may MNCs. We are committed to creating an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence in our students.

From Principal's Desk

Dr. M.Lakshmikanth Reddy , Principal

India is being recognized as one of the fastest growing economics in the world. Our immense pool of knowledge workers, a vast population of young and energetic professionals and a large vibrant domestic technology powered by global vision provide us a tremendous platform for ....

long term goals and growth. In this path to stupendous growth and development the role and responsibility of academic institutions are very crucial. Especially the institutions imparting technical education in the remote and rural areas must focus on creating future to much deprived areas in the fast growing age Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology, Palamaner, consistently aims to train and develop knowledgeable technocrats competitive and comparable to the best. The college structures its curricula according JNTU-Anantapuramu and updates itself continuously to metes the demanding needs of the corporate world. Training is aided by adequate technology. Projects and presentations, innovation, entrepreneurship, Personality development, soft skills and communication skills are all emphasized to transform students into competent professionals.

The real test of any Engineering college is the quality of placements it provides to its students and their remarkable performance with wide applause MTIET ensures that the talent of its students is appreciated and rewarded. I wish and invite the interested aspirants to be a part of the system.

Governing Body

Sri. M. R. Sunil


Smt. M. Madhavi

Vice Chairperson

Sri. M. Ravindra Babu

Correspondent & Secretary

Dr. R. Rajendra Reddy

Academic Director

Dr. C. Eswara Reddy


Dr. Shaik Aruna Mastani

Member [University Nominee]

Dr. M. Lakshmikantha Reddy

Principal & Member Secretary

Dr. D. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Vice-Principal & Head of ME Dept.


Head of CE Dept.

Sri. K. Krishna Reddy

Head of EEE Dept.

Sri.. P. Anil Kumar

Head of ECE Dept.

Dr. G. Ramasubba Reddy

Head of CSE Dept.

Dr. K.J. Philliph

Head of H&S Dept.

Sri. K. Lokesh

Examination Branch In-Charge

Sri. A. Reddy Prasad

Placement Officer

Academic Council Committee

S.No Name of the Member Designation  Position
1 Dr. M. Lakshmikantha Reddy Principal Convenor
2 Dr. D. Sreenivasulu Reddy HOD ME Member
3 Sri. B.B.C.O. PRASAD HOD CE Member
4 Sri. K. Krishna Reddy HOD EEE Member
5 Dr. S. Murali Mohan HOD ECE Member
6 Dr. G. Ramasubba Reddy HOD CSE Member
7 Dr. K. J. Philliph HOD HS Member
8 Sri. K. Lokesh Examination Branch In-Charge Member

Upcoming Events

Anti Ragging Committee

S.No Name of the Member Designation  Position
1 Dr. M. Lakshmikantha Reddy Principal Chief Convenor
2 Dr. D. Srinivasulu Reddy HOD ME Member
3 Sri. B.B.C.O. PRASAD HOD CE Member
4 Sri. K. Krishna Reddy HOD EEE Member
5 Dr. S. Murali Mohan HOD ECE Member
6 Dr. G. Ramasubba Reddy HOD CSE Member
7 Dr. K. J. Philliph HOD H&S Member
8 Sri P. Murali Asst. Professor Member
9 B Veeresh Asst. Professor Member
10 S Santha Kumari Asst. Professor Member
11 K Nagi Reddy Asst. Professor Member
12 Sri N V Kishore Kumar Asst. Professor Member
13 Sri K. Lokesh Asst. Professor Member
14 Sri S. Ramachandra Asst. Professor Member
15 Sri P Anil Kumar Asst. Professor Member
16 B P.Sindhu Student Member
17 C Manoj Kumar Student Member
18 K Bhargav Kumar Student Member
19 C Hemanth Kumar Student Member
20 K Divya Student Member
21 M Vamsi Krishna Reddy Student Member
22 G Jyoshna Student Member

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